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Welcome to Mega Photographers, we are one of the world’s largest Instagram driven promotion and marketing platform for photographers. More than 1 million people in 120 countries turn to us to be visually inspired. Our pages generate 1M+ weekly impression, 500K+ reach and 25K+ average views per post. Photographers featured on our pages gain massive exposure and thousands of new followers on Instagram.

3,000+ Photographers | 1M+ Audience | 100M+ Combined Reach

Instagram Feature Insights

An average post on our page gains 25,000+ views and 28,000+ impressions.
We have featured 3,000+ Photographers till date and helped them gain thousands of new followers.


Gained 3K+ Instagram Followers


Gained 2K+ Instagram Followers


Gained 1.5K+ Instagram Followers

Feature Plans

Get Featured | Gain Followers | Build Reputation

1X Feature

$ 35
  • Get Featured on 1 Instagram Page (100K+ reach)
  • Post + Story Feature
  • Gain 100+ New Followers
  • 10K+ Estimated Post Reach
  • 10K+ Estimated Global Exposure
  • 10K+ Estimated Post Impressions
  • Hashtag Recommendations
  • Gain Authority - Get Follow Back from 1 Page (100K+ reach)

2X Feature

$ 55
  • Get Featured on 2 Instagram Pages (100K+ reach)
  • Post + Story Feature
  • Gain 250+ New Followers
  • 20K+ Estimated Post Reach
  • 20K+ Estimated Global Exposure
  • 20K+ Estimated Post Impressions
  • Hashtag Recommendations
  • Gain Authority - Get Follow Back from 2 Pages (100K+ reach)

3X Feature

$ 75
  • Get Featured on 3 Instagram Pages (100K+ reach)
  • Post + Story Feature
  • Gain 500+ New Followers
  • 30K+ Estimated Post Reach
  • 30K+ Estimated Global Exposure
  • 30K+ Estimated Post Impressions
  • Hashtag Recommendations
  • Gain Authority - Get Follow Back from 3 Pages (100K+ reach)

4X Feature

$ 95
  • Get Featured on 4 Instagram Pages (100K+ reach)
  • Post + Story Feature
  • Gain 1K+ New Followers
  • 40K+ Estimated Post Reach
  • 40K+ Estimated Global Exposure
  • 40K+ Estimated Post Impressions
  • Hashtag Recommendations
  • Gain Authority - Get Follow Back from 4 Pages (100K+ reach)

Our Members Say It Best!

"Ever since I joined Mega Photographers I’ve been featured on multiple pages. My Instagram account has grown to 10K+ followers and my account has gained significant recognition."
Ash K
"Joining Mega Photographers was the best decision that we ever made, their network helped us gain massive exposure and build an influence in the photography industry!"
Hallmark Photography
"I absolutely love Mega Photographers, these guys helped me build an international identity as a photography influencer, I am at 30K+ followers now. Thanks a ton!"
Cetind K
"Mega Photographers elevates Influencers to a whole new level of progress and quality. Community that communicate for themselves. That's why there's nothing else better than Mega Photographers."
"Thanks to Mega Photographers for providing me the network I needed! I’ve grown from zero to almost 10K+ with the proven method and tools they offer! If you are looking for a network to grow your brands, Mega Photographers is the answer!"
"If you’re looking for a place to grow your brand, Mega Photographers is your go-to place. Mega Photographers will help you get to your best potential on Instagram like the way they helped me."


How soon would my images be featured?
It may take 24 hrs. – 48 hrs. for your order to be confirmed. You will receive an email notification from us when your image is about to be published. If in case you haven’t heard from us, kindly check your spam folder and whitelist info@megaphotographers.com. Also, follow our pages and turn on the post notifications so you are notified when your image gets published on our feeds or stories.
How many followers will I gain?
Due to the nature of social media promotion, no one can truly guarantee how many followers you might gain. Our goal is to promote photographers and help them gain exposure through Instagram. Based on past results we have seen the featured photographers gain hundreds of new followers. The number mentioned in the packages are based on average estimates.
How long will my image stay featured on your page?
We never delete a post, so all images featured on our pages would continue generating engagements and promoting the featured photographer.
Can I nominate an image to get featured?
To maintain the consistency and theme of our pages we prefer to chose images ourselves.
Can my account stay private?

Unfortunately not, we cannot access posts on a private account. Therefore, you must have your account set to public in order for us to chose an image.

Is my account safe?
Absolutely, we have helped thousands of photographers get promoted through our platform and gain massive exposure on Instagram.
Why do I have to pay to get featured?
As you might be aware Instagram has significantly reduced its organic reach, so we use Instagram ads to promote our posts and help the featured photographer gain massive exposure and many new followers. That’s why we charge a small fee which helps us cover the cost of Instagram advertising.
Do you offer refunds?
Unfortunately Facebook/Instagram does not offer any refunds on ad spent so even we are unable to offer any refunds for our promotions.

1 Million+ Reach

More than 1 MILLION people in 120 countries turn to us to be visually inspired. We generate 1M+ impressions, 500K+ engagements and 50K+ top views per post.