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What is Mega Photographers?

Mega Photographers is the world's largest community driven Instagram promotion platform for photographers. More than 1 million people in 120 countries turn to our pages to be visually inspired. We generate 1M+ impressions, 500K+ engagements and 50K+ top views per post. We help photographers get discovered and gain massive exposure on Instagram.

100% Proven Results

We have helped hundreds of photographers gain thousands of followers on Instagram. Our results are 100% guaranteed or full money back!

How to Get Featured?

Register & book one of our feature packs.

We select an image from your profile and feature it on our Instagram pages.

We promote your post to reach thousands of people on Instagram.

Sit back and see your account gain thousands of new followers.

Over 1,000+ Satisfied Customers!

"Ever since I got featured on Mega Photographers I’ve been featured by multiple pages and gained significant recognition."
Ash K
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Hallmark Photography
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D Fabeo

Pricing & Plans

Instagram Feature Packages

We offer two types of packages:

  • One Time Features: Buy the package every time you want to get featured on our pages.
  • Monthly Subscriptions:  Sign-up for a subscription to get automatically featured on our pages every month and gain thousands of new followers.
1X Exposure
  • Get Featured on 1 Page
    (100K+ audience)
  • 100+ New Followers
  • 10K+ Global Reach
  • 10K+ Post Impressions
2X Exposure
  • Get Featured on 2 Pages
    (100K+ audience each)
  • 500+ New Followers
  • 20K+ Global Reach
  • 20K+ Post Impressions
3X Exposure
  • Get Featured on 3 Pages
    (100K+ audience each)
  • 1K+ New Followers
  • 30K+ Global Reach
  • 30K+ Post Impressions
4X Exposure
  • Get Featured on 4 Pages
    (100K+ audience each)
  • 2K+ New Followers
  • 40K+ Global Reach
  • 40K+ Post Impressions
5X Exposure
  • Get Featured on 5 Pages
    (100K+ audience each)
  • 5K+ New Followers
  • 50K+ Global Reach
  • 50K+ Post Impressions
Easy monthly subscriptions with no lock-in contracts, cancel anytime!

* Follower numbers are based on average estimates actual results may vary.

1 Million+ Impressions!

Get Featured | Gain Followers | Build Reputation

Our Pages

Our pages generate 1M+ impressions, 500K+ engagements and 50K+ top views per post.


How soon would my images be featured?
Your image would get featured within 24 hrs. – 48 hrs. of your order being confirmed. You will receive an email from us then. Also, kindly follow our pages and turn on the post notifications so you are notified when your image gets published on our feeds or stories.
How many followers will I gain?
The number of followers is hard to predict or guarantee. We promote your post to our community of 1M+ audience on Instagram. We have seen photographers featured on our page gaining hundreds or even thousands of new followers.
Are the followers real?
As you would be aware, a lot of users on Instagram use tools to follow/un-follow other accounts. These accounts are generally classified as bots. As we promote your post, your account will receive a lot of new followers and some of them could be bots. However, Instagram deactivates millions of bot accounts every day. So, eventually, you would only be left with real followers who genuinely like your content.
Do you even offer free features?
Unfortunately not. To reach a wider audience, we promote our posts through Instagram ads and direct marketing so we charge a small fee which helps us to cover the advertising and marketing costs.
How long will my image stay featured on your page?
We never delete a post, so all images featured on our pages would continue generating engagements and promoting the featured photographer.
Can I nominate an image to get featured?
To maintain the consistency and theme of our pages we prefer to chose images ourselves.
Can my account stay private?

Unfortunately not, we cannot access posts on a private account. Therefore, you must have your account set to public in order for us to chose an image.

Is my account safe?
Our service is fully compliant with Instagram’s platform policies and is 100% safe to use. We have helped thousands of photographers gain massive exposure on Instagram.